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Park Model Cabins at Tres Rios

When you think camping, do you think rustic outback with only a pack and a thermos? Does the image evoke owning (or renting) a fully stocked RV like the one in the Robin Williams movie not long ago? Or does it look more like this: This is one of our cabins at Tres Rios. Maybe

Historic Glen Rose Texas Flashback

Ever yearn for a simpler time? Visit Ocean Canyon’s beautiful Tres Rios Resort in Texas and spend some time walking along the river bank, watching the water birds glide and the fish jump. Then venture into the town of Glen Rose…Flashback 150 years ago: This cabin is constructed of oak and cedar hand-hewn logs. No

Camping By The Numbers

534.9 million – Days Americans spent camping in 2011 (about 12.6 days per person) 140 million – Americans who make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives 42.5 million – Americans who went camping in 2011 30 million – RV enthusiasts nationwide, including RV renters 8.9 million – American households owning an RV 90,000

Easi-Move Remote Control Trailer Hitch

If you have a camper trailer and you’re the designated driver, you’ve probably done this at least once: attempted to get it perfectly aligned on the camping pad while contorting yourself and your vehicle into every possibly angle to make it go where you like. You try to think happy thoughts, try to ignore the

Fishing for Catfish – some tips

People all across the south enjoy fishing for catfish. Although there are over 3000 types of catfish, the channel catfish stands out. The channel cat is essentially a bottom feeder (as are all catfish) and will eat whole or in pieces vegetable or animal matter. Therefore catching one isn’t all that hard if it only

7th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Classic Car Show at Tres Rios

Spring is coming soon, which means we will have lots of fun things going on at Ocean Canyon. If you don’t have plans at the end of March, come celebrate the beginning of spring with us at Tres Rios Resort. For the 7th consecutive year, Tres Rios will be hosting the annual Chili Cookoff. The

Possibly the most useful camping item?

What are the amazing items you can’t live without? Coffee? Your favorite slippers? Your iPhone? We can’t really speak to your favorite civilization items – we all have them and they’re probably not the same – but in researching ways to save money for Ocean Canyon’s resolution series, we came up with three inexpensive everyday

OCP Series: New years resolutions; Enjoy life more, go camping.

Continuing the top ten resolutions Ocean Canyon-style, let’s talk about enjoying life more. Of all the things that might mean, we’re guessing that doing taxes, mowing the yard, and cleaning house doesn’t make the list. Happily, all those things can be left behind when you head out in the RV or book a cabin at

Two alternatives to large expensive RVs

Campers come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, so do the vehicles available to camp in. Are you a purist; a bedroll and a water bottle and you’re set? Do you prefer to reside in a mansion on wheels, the creme de la creme of the RV world? For those of us whose camping

OCP Series: Tackle your Resolutions with Tres Rios RV Park

Did you make any resolutions this month? If you’re like most of us, you have some things you’d like to do better or differently this year. In fact, the ten most frequent resolutions Americans make don’t change a lot from year to year. Why? Because they’re not that easy to achieve, but their importance doesn’t

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